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Paramotor Plates - Eos Engine 100 + 150

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Delivery Time - Availability

There are many references of Paramotor Plates to have in Stock.

The most frequent Paramotor Plates if we have them in Stock and we can send them to you in about 24 - 72 hours.
Less frequent Paramotor Plates have a delivery time between 7 - 15 days from the order date.

To do this you are recommended in the completion of the Order put as a method of payment: Bank Transfer (you pay nothing until your Order is ready for shipment) and we notify you to make the payment before the shipment that you can well continue with the method : Bank Transfer, you can either make us a transfer of money by Western Union or you can stop by our facilities and withdraw personally.

You can also make the Bank Transfer or send the money by Wester Union and wait for us to send you your order, as you prefer, we will always fulfill the delivery of your order as soon as possible. If we didn't, we'll always give you your money back.

Once the order has been received we will notify you of the entire process.


Above in the checkboxes we present all the possible combinations offered by the Eos Engine 100 + 150 Engines (all models: old and modern) to be able to change with other models of Market Engines and vice versa.

With the purchase of the Paramotor Plate you do not have to change Chassis to change Engine in your Paramotor, simply that your Engine - Propeller is going to be a little further out (+/- 6 cm.) than before, since we have to add the distance of the Caps - Separators and thickness of the Plate.

In other types of Chassis according to the depth we will have to put Caps - Separators Longer if we want the Propeller to be inside the circumference of the Chassis or outside.
But in this we have already thought about and when you receive your Paramotor Plate we have already added everything necessary so that you do not have any problems in the installation of the new Engine.

Paramotor Plate Features

- Paramotor Plates can be Aluminum or Stainless Steel as required by the position of the Screws - Holes of the Motor.
One way or another we assure you that you can always switch from one Engine to another.

- All Paramotor Plates include everything you need to change Engine:

  • Paramotor plate compatible with the 2 motors.
  • Caps - Separators in black Nylon.
  • Screws, Nuts and Washers (all in Stainless Steel).
  • Screw, Thread and Silemblock Fixer.


- All Aluminum Paramotor Plates are Colored: Black.
- Stainless Steel Paramotor Plates we offer in: 1 side polished gloss and the other side in normal - matte.
- All Caps - Separators are Color: Black.


- Depending on some Paramotor Plates or others according to the width x length have a maximum weight of: 1.5 Kg. the entire kit.


- For the change of the Paramotor Plate you will only need to have: 1 Fixed key 12 -13, 1 Allen wrench of 5 or 6 and the screw fixer that we supply it.




Torque with Other Engine Models

A very important feature, we will be able to change engine in our Chassis depending on the turn of the Propeller to the right or left.

But we will have to be very attentive in this change since our Chassis can be manufactured to compensate for the Torque and with this it would only serve for engines that rotate in the same direction of Propeller as your Engine.
But with the Paramotor Plate you can also switch to Motors with a turn contrary to your Engine but you have to compensate - change the Torque.

So if you want to change Engine and this new Engine has another sense of propeller rotation you're going to have to change the Torque or compensate it for the new Propeller direction of the new Engine, such as if you have a Vittorazi Moster Engine in your Chassis and you want to mount a Polini Thor 250 Engine.

In this case the Eos Engine 100 + 150 Engines engine has Left Propeller rotation and is perfectly compatible with the following models of Paramotor Plates according to the Motor - Torque:

Paramotor Plates - Motors
WITHOUT thickening Torque

  • Vittorazi Moster Engine

Paramotor Plates - Motors
WITH thickening Torque

  • For now there are NO Plates in this Model

The Paramotor Plates that you have to compensate the Torque we warn you with this photo - feature once you have chosen in the selection boxes above.

If you are not very clear about this Change - Compensating the Torque we recommend you get into the hands of a professional or you can send us your questions - doubts that we will be happy to help you.




You have another type of Engine that you want to change and does not appear in the List of Combinations - Selection Boxes, do not worry we will try to make the new Paramotor Plate.
Contact us and send us your inquiry.



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