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It's never been easier to changue engine on your Paramotor

What is Paramotor Plates ?

With Paramotor Plates you'll be able to exchange your Paramotor Engine to another Engine model without having to switch Chassis or Paramotor.

We have created a series of Motor Plates on which we rely on the measurements and holes of Paramotor Engines making with this the compatibility of many motors having endless combinations and possibilities.

If in your new Engine matches the turn of the Propeller you will only have to buy the Paramotor Plate and change the Engine with the only difference that the Propeller will come out +/- about 6 cm. more, we have to add the distances of the Caps - Separators + Motor Plate.

You can even switch engine if the Propeller turn is different, such as swapping a Vittorazi Moster Engine (strap - left turn) for a Polini Thor 250 Engine (clutch - right turn) but you have to be very careful to see the Torque of your Chassis very well , you will have to compensate or change for the opposite side, but this is no problem for a professional to advise or have it mounted to you.

We believe that we offer a very current and great novelty idea in the World Paramotor Market, since there is nothing similar and there are many pilots who do not change Paramotor because they have to sell it or poorly sell it according to this second-hand market , buying a new one, having their Chassis as new or with very little use, have gained weight and their old engine falls short of thrust, you want to fly in Paratrike and you need a motor with more power or you just want to change Motor for a much lower price than you have er to buy a complete Paramotor and other causes. Now you don't have any more excuses to change engines in your Paramotor.

With Paramotor Plates you only have to buy the new Motor + Paramotor Plate + Propeller and install all and ready your Paramotor already has the new Engine that you decide to assemble. All you have to do is fly with your new engine.

foto explicacion placas
foto explicacion placas
Click on Photo to see bigger in Gallery

It's very easy and simple

You have a Paramotor - Motor with Corsair Black Devil

foto paramotor corsair

+ Buy the Black Devil + Moster Paramotor Plate

foto placa black devil con moster

= Your usual Chassis with the new Moster Engine

foto paramotor moster


With Paramotor Plates you will find unique features as it is Universal and is worth to all Chassis - Paramotors of the World Market regardless of the manufacturer, because the holes - position of the Engines is determined by the manufacturer of the Engine in which we're based.

With Paramotor Plates you don't have to switch Chassis to switch Engines.

It's easy to assemble a Paramotor Plate and in just 30 minutes you can have your new engine mounted on the Chassis.

Of course the price that for very little you can always switch to a new Engine model on your Paramotor - Chassis and take advantage of your Chassis - Components that is always to be appreciated for spending less money.

You get many combinations of Engines and possible changes.

If in your new Engine the direction of propeller rotation is the same as the old Engine you don't have to do anything special.

You can even switch engine with another direction of propeller rotation but always in this case you're going to have to compensate - change the Torque.

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Paramotor Plates is Universal can be used in any Paramotor - Chassis on the Market with many motors.
icono cambio motor

Chassis - Paramotor

You do NOT have to change your Chassis or Paramotor you can use your chassis - Paramotor as usual.
icono montaje

Quick Mount

It's very easy to assemble. With just a few tools you will be able to change your engine in a very easy way.
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You no longer have to buy a new Paramotor to switch Engine. Take advantage of your Chassis and Components.
icono combinaciones


We offer you many combinations of Engines and possibilities. Give the use you see convenient and take advantage of this good idea.
icono giro helice

Propeller turn

You can mount all kinds of Motors according to their Propeller rotation. If the new Engine is in reverse, you'll have to compensate for the Torque.

Compatible Engines

logo vittorazi motors

Atom 80
Fly 100 Evo

logo minari engine

Minari F1
MInari F1 Vertical

logo corsair motors

Black Devil
Black Bull

logo polini

Thor 80 + 130 + 200 + 250
Thor 190

logo sky engines

Sky 100
Sky 100S
Boxer 220 S

logo ciscomotors

Snap 100
Snap 110 Ego
C Max

logo ciscomotors

Eos 100
Eos 150

You have another type of Engine that you want to change and does not appear in the List of combinations, do not worry we will try to make the new Motor Plate. Contact us and send us your inquiry.

Engines and Propellers for the Paramotor

photo engines of paramotor

Engines for Paramotor

photo propeller for paramotor

Propellers for Paramotor

Buy Kit

1 - Buy Engine

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2 - Buy Prop

foto helices

3 - Buy Plate

foto helices

!!! And you get the best Price and Discount !!!

Paramotor Plates

It's never been easier to changue engines on your Paramotor

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